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    We are located in Levi Ski Resort, Finnish Lapland

    KuruYoga studio in Levi

    KuruYoga Levi Hotel Spa

    guru @ kuruyoga.fi

    +358 400 596 222

    You can find us from the Levi Hotel Spa.

  • SKI & YOGA

    From cool slopes to a hot studio

    After Ski  by KuruYoga

    Check out this video from Henkka, a blogger from Lumipallo.fi, to get a glimpse of what a Ski&Yoga holiday can encase!

    Hot Surf Yoga

    Find our own Down Surfing Dog! New sport not found anywhere else.

  • Class descriptions

    Hot Yoga is the thing

    Bikram yoga pose

    Kuru Hot

    60/90 min., +38-39 °C

    Don't be afraid to sweat!

    Our Kuru Hot class is based on the Bikram series, where one practices strength, balance and mobility. The practice gives your metabolism a boost and gives a lot of energy. The class is suitable for everyone with clear and detailed instructions. You can move forward with the asanas in your own pace and everyone finds a suitable level of practice for themselves.

    Remember to drink a lot of water before, during and after the class. Kuru Hot Gentle classes are easier and especially suited for beginners.

    After Ski Yin stretching

    After Ski Yin

    60/90 min., +25-27 °C

    Extremely relaxing class

    During Yin class we stretch the connective tissues and ligaments with long lasting and static poses. Asanas lasting for several minutes enhance the metabolism, mobility and energy of tissues. In Yin class we expose ourselves to peaceful, balancing practice aiming at letting go of all tensions in our body and mind.

    Yin supports other forms of exercise and is especially suitable as a recovery from other sports.


    Family yoga class

    Family Yoga

    60 min.

    Yoga brings together body and mind, movement and breath - and the whole family!

    Yoga practice with a family gives well being for all. It also enhances the cohesion of the family with joint holiday experiences.

    During the Family Yoga class we practice balance and body consciousness and in the end we relax quiet down.

    One or both parents can come with one or more children. Usually suitable fro children aged 6 and up.


    Tailored private yoga classes

    Private classes

    60-90 min.

    Different way of spending an evening with friends or enhance team spirit with your work group.

    You can book yourself or your group a private class from both of our studios. The class will be tailored according to your needs and the level of the group. 


    You can make the booking with the contact form below or by calling.

    Hot Surf Yoga

    60 min. on the waves, +38-39 °C

    Surfing above the Arctic Circle! Challenge yourself and test the one and only indoor Hot Surf Yoga in Finland. Balance, strength and core control are practiced on an unsteady board along with a warm breeze of wind and some nice music. The board gives an extra challenge even to the most experienced yogi, and the surfers and snow boarders can get into the mood indoors too. (ONLY IN LEVI)


  • Time schedule & booking

    It's always good to book your place in a class in advance. Especially for morning classes booking should be done the day before.


    Our booking system is only in Finnish at the moment, but you can check out the time tables from Facebook (Levi) / Facebook (Ruka) or from the link below and contact us by using the contact form in the end or by calling: +358 400 596 222/e-mail: guru @ kuruyoga.fi

  • Prices

    Single Drop In Pass 18€


    Family Yoga, adult 15€

    Family Yoga, child under 16 y 10€


    3 Day Pass 40€

    1 Week Pass 50€


    5 Class Pass, valid 3 moths 70€

    10 Class Pass, valid 6 months 135€


    1 month unlimited 130€


    Mat is included. Towel 2,50€

    We accept

    Cash, VISA, MasterCard

    Variety of Finnish service vouchers, such as SMARTUM 

    You can pay at the studio.

    The serial passes can also be bought from our web shop


    Yoga mat is included in the price.

    We hope that you bring your own big towel on top of the mat. Towels can be also rented from the studio.

    Serial cards and passes are personal.

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